Reasons and Reasons for Hope and for Happiness

Amy Carmichael, on a picture of the Alps — a pine-filled slope leading to a misty valley, with mountains beyond and clouds edged with light.

I see in this valley and mountain a general view of our years. We stand, when we are young, on the sunny slope among the pines, and look across an unknown country to the mountains. There are clouds, but they are edged with light. We do not fear as we dip into the valley; we do not fear the clouds. Thank God for the splendid fearlessness of youth. And as for older travelers whom Love has led over hill and dale, they have not been given the spirit of fear. They think of the way they have come since they stood on that bright hillside, and their word is always this: There are reasons and reasons for hope and for happiness, and never one for fear.

The mist and the clouds, and the light in the clouds, work together like separate notes in a tune; even the shadows of the pine trees on the grass have their part to play in making the picture. There is nothing that could be left out without loss. And it is so with the pictures of our lives. We are called to believe this and to act as though we believed. We have the presence and the promises of God. We are meant to march to that great music.

– from Gold by Moonlight






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