Your Kingdom Calling: Full Course

A 7-week video course designed to help you discover your God-given gifts and talents and learn how to use them within the bigger picture of the kingdom of God.

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Time to Align: 11 Days to a Closer Walk with God (Free)

This FREE 11-week email course is a spiritual “recalibration”: a chance to bring 8 key areas of your life into alignment with God — heart, soul, mind, and strength. Includes study questions for small groups or personal devotions. Written by myself and my co-directors in 1:11 Ministries.

The Successful Christian Writer Workshop (Free)

A three-part video workshop designed to light up your writing, help you get published, and give you the tools to make a difference. Delivered via email straight to your inbox.

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Video 1, “The Successful Christian Writer,” underscores the importance of writing and casts a vision for success as a Christian writer today. Video 2, “Pathways to Publication,” details the publication options available to writers today. And Video 3, “Author Marketing as Ministry,” teaches you to sell books in a painless and edifying way that makes a difference for your readers even while it empowers you to continue writing.