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The Chronicles of Kepos Gé

Seeds (Finalist for the Realm Award for Fantasy, 2019; Winner of the TCK Readers Choice Award for Religion, 2018)

Seeds 2: The Growing Time

Seeds 3: The Wastes of Winter

The Seventh World Trilogy

Worlds Unseen

Burning Light

Coming Day

The Oneness Cycle






The Prophet Trilogy

Abaddon’s Eve

Comes the Dragon


Standalone Novels


Angel in the Woods

Lady Moon: A Tale of Love & Magic & And Other Improbable, Unpredictable Things

Reap the Whirlwind

The Babel Chip

Theodore Pharris Saves the Universe



The Narrative Commentary Series on Matthew

When God Walked in Galilee: Discovering Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Refiner’s Fire: The Struggle and Triumph of John the Baptist (Tools for Navigating Doubt, Reclaiming Faith, and Discovering the Gospel All Over Again)

The Way of Restoration: Following Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Winner of the TCK Readers Choice Award for Religion, 2022)

Other Nonfiction

Redemption Poems: A Little Book of Remembrance

The Quarantine Chronicles: A Call to Courage in Dispiriting Times

To the Temporary Residents in a Time of Coronavirus, Seeking an Eternal Weight of Glory: Reflections on Faith and Permanence in a World in Crisis

Left Turn to the Promised Land: One Author’s Journey of Writing, Business, and Walking by Faith

Fearless: Free in Christ in an Age of Anxiety (with Mercy Hope and Carolyn Currey)

Your Kingdom Calling: 3 Keys to Discovering Your Calling and Purpose in the Kingdom of God

31 Days of Joy: A Devotional Journey in Fiction & Scripture

Heart to Heart: Meeting with God in the Lord’s Prayer

Letters to a Samuel Generation: The Collection

Still Praying in the Wilderness, and Other Essays for the Spiritually Thirsty

Now for the Not-Yet, and Other Essays on Everyday Discipleship

Mind Soul Ink Paper: and Other Essays on Faith, Reading, and Writing

Undivided Devotion: Three Essays on Being a Christian Single

Fifty Shades of Loved (with Mercy Hope, Kit Tosello, and Other Authors)

5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing (with C.S. Lakin and Other Authors)

Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled (with Carolyn Currey)


SHORT STORIES (Available as Short Ebooks)


Butterflies Dancing

Fallen Star

The City Came Creeping

Ogres Is

Wayfarer’s Dream

Journey: A Christian Allegory

Of Men and Bones

Shields of the Earth

War with the Muse



Pieces of Grace (And What They Mean) (Available in paperback only)