CSFF Blog Tour: NUMB by John W. Otte

… because late is better than never, right? This month’s blog tour actually ran Monday-Wednesday, and yes this is Thursday, but I wanted to jump in anyway. (Why the weekend didn’t happen: airplanes, time zones, Internet, you can add it up.)

I met John W. Otte, Lutheran minister, unusually tall man, and author of FAILSTATE, at the annual CBA convention last year. (He may not remember this. I bumped into him and Jill Williamson in the hall.) His latest release, NUMB–this month’s CSFF feature–is up for a Christy Award.

Published by Marcher Lord Press, NUMB is a great read in the small but strong genre of Christian science fiction. The story follows Crusader, a (literally) unfeeling assassin employed by the Ministrix. Crusader is the best at what he does, and he knows his work will earn him salvation as he atones for his sins through killing the Ministrix’s enemies.

But then he’s numb-john-w-otte-paperback-cover-artassigned to eliminate a young woman named Isolda Westin. At the sight of her, his numbness fails–and he can’t carry out the job. With his eternal future on the line, Crusader embarks on a desperate journey to find and kill Isolda, even as he uncovers truth about the Ministrix and the past he has given everything to destroy.

NUMB is a great read, thought-provoking and character driven.

Check out the book here: NUMB at Amazon

Or visit the author: John W. Otte

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