Good, Evil, & Winning the Fight

As an author of fantasy adventure stories, I write a lot about what’s popularly termed “the battle of good and evil.” Even in secular popular culture, that phrase gets a lot of traction. We might officially deny there’s any such thing as objective good or evil, but get us telling stories and we all know the war is real. And important.

A few months back* I blogged some about a new organization here in Canada, started up by some very good friends of mine. Strength to Fight exists to “take back our homes, our schools, and our culture from the invasion of pornography.”

In my opinion, this is one of our culture’s most important battle fronts.

It’s INCREDIBLY important that we win this one. For the sake of our culture and especially for the sake of individuals, whose lives — whose very souls — will be shaped by this one issue.

Last time I blogged about them, the guys were raising funds for a launch. Well, they did it, and at three months in they have been busy nonstop, presenting in schools, churches, and community events across Canada. They are hugely effective; I’ve seen this firsthand.

But they need help to do what they do. If you share our passion for this issue and want to make a difference here in Canada, I highly recommend supporting Strength to Fight.

Download the PDF for more info or visit their website at


*At the time I was using the book FIFTY SHADES OF LOVED as a fundraiser. This little book is a project I spearheaded. It doesn’t specifically target porn, but it does target some of the wrong identities our culture tries to create and replace them with an understanding of God’s love and the identity given us by our Creator.






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