A dynamic and thought-provoking speaker, Rachel brings a combination of biblical depth and winsome presentation to every topic she speaks on. She is available to speak for women’s events, camps, churches, clubs and groups, and schools. As one of two primary speakers for 1:11 Ministries, she has traveled all across Canada, the US, and internationally.

To book Rachel or the 1:11 Ministries team for an event, e-mail one11ministries@gmail.com.

Nov 1 AM 2015 – Just Breathe from WellSpring Community Church on Vimeo.


May 3, 2016
Arms Wide Open at Cornerstone Christian School (with 1:11 Ministries)
Abbotsford, BC

Rachel speaks on various biblical topics, always with a focus on getting to know who God truly is in our lives. She also speaks on homeschooling (from a graduate’s perspective), writing, indie publishing, and arts-as-ministry.

Her current talks include:

Heart to Heart: Meeting with God in the Lord’s Prayer. The disciples once asked “Lord, teach us to pray.” What they got was nothing short of an unveiling of the heart of God. Come for a “heart to heart” with the Father in this moving exploration of the Lord’s Prayer and how it can change our lives as we make Jesus’s words a part of ourselves.

Good News: Your Life Through a Kingdom Lens. When Jesus began to preach the kingdom of God, he started with the Beatitudes—the eight “Blessed ares,” or “Happy ares,” of the kingdom. Journey through the Sermon on the Mount in search of true happiness, significance, and the relevance of the “good news” of the kingdom to our lives today. Come find out what your life looks like through a kingdom lens.

Loved by God: The True Longing of Every Woman’s Heart. Drawing on themes from her book Fifty Shades of Loved, this powerful talk (for women only) dives into what it means to be a woman made for love–and where we will truly find it. Rachel’s perspective as a never-married woman in a world frantic for “true love” informs this counter-cultural but much needed message.

Who You Say I Am (with 1:11 Ministries). Along with the dancers and musicians of 1:11 Ministries, Rachel teams up with speaker Mercy Hope to explore multiple facets of identity in Christ. A life-changing message!

In A Separate Place: Homeschooling as Making Room for God. Rachel shares her experience as a homeschooler from grade 1 through high school and talks about its impact in her life spiritually, giving parents vision and practical tools to disciple their kids and help them make room to hear, get to know, and learn to walk with God.

Ode to the Broken (with 1:11 Ministries). Rachel brings her talent as a spoken-word poet to Ode to the Broken, a powerful and healing journey through the themes of brokenness and redemption that features dance, music, and a central message from Mercy Hope.

To book Rachel to speak, contact her at one11ministries@gmail.com.