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First, an introduction: a week or so ago, I joined the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour group, which means that I have access to review copies of upcoming Christian speculative fiction and that I get to participate in promoting those books. I was too late to get a copy of the book I’m about to write about, but the author has generously provided a sneak peak of its sequel. It’s all rather exciting. End introduction.

BookofNamesThe Book of Names by D. Barkley Briggs is the first in the new Legends of Karac Tor series published by NavPress. It looks to be classic portal fantasy for young adults: two brothers, grieving the loss of their mother, find their way into “a world in peril,” where their destiny will play out. Its underlying myths are northern, like Tolkien’s; Norse and Celtic. Its underlying truths are Christian.

Particularly fascinating to me is the story behind the story. Portal fantasies appeal to us perhaps because we can’t make sense of this world without coming to grips with another–with its existence and central importance to us–and this story’s background especially reflects that. Mr. Briggs wrote The Book of Names to help his four sons through the loss of their own mother. You can read more about the author, his story, and the story he’s written on his Hidden Lands Web site.

More about The Book of Names tomorrow. In the meantime, here are links to the other participants in the blog tour. Most of them have been doing this longer than I have, so you should find some actual reviews below!

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6 responses to “The Book of Names: CSFF Blog Tour”

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  2. Rachel Avatar

    Thanks for stopping by, Jeff! There is definitely an element of truth in what you say. I remember writing “Burning Light” years ago and thinking to myself that at least in this world, I could make sure right triumphed. But most of don’t make things too black and white, either–we still deal with themes of loss and injustice and sorrow.

  3. […] list) ?? Steve Rice ? Crista Richey Alice M. Roelke ?? Chawna Schroeder James Somers ?? Rachel Starr Thomson ? Steve Trower Speculative Faith Jason Waguespac ?? Fred Warren […]

  4. […] yesterday’s post I touched on Dean Briggs’ personal reasons for writing The Book of Names (and its sequel, […]

  5. Jeff Draper Avatar

    The ‘portal to another world’ plot is one that never seems to get old. I think it is generally because in this other world things are more concrete and easily divisible into good and evil. It is the way we want our world to be. So much could be made simpler if a few deft applications of sword thrusts could right all the wrongs we perpetrate on ourselves.

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