Playing Guitar with Oven Mitts

As I sit at the computer, watching the clock strike 11:01 when I meant to be in bed at 10:00, and think over the day’s events — the phone calls I muddled my way through, the little Dodge Neon I bought though all these years I’ve planned to buy a minivan, the schedule which continually remade itself with every passing minute — as I think, too, of the Book of Job and how hopefully confusing truth seemed to get for that righteous man —

Well, it occurs to me that if we could plan life all out the way we want to, it would have the precision of the finest orchestra playing the finest symphony. Not a note out of place. Every instrument doing just what it should.

But we can’t, and life is rarely like that. Instead, we go with the flow, get knocked over sometimes, laugh, and learn to enjoy the currents. Life is a lot like playing “You Are My Sunshine” on the guitar while wearing oven mitts.

And with that profound thought, here is the one-and-only Katie Rees, my friend and fellow homeschool graduate, doing exactly that:






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  1. Rachel Avatar

    Yeah, I loved it. They’re crazy talented. You can check out their CDs and other stuff at their Web site:

  2. Alexander Field Avatar

    Actually, that is outstanding. It actually sounds good! : )

  3. Mark Avatar


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