The Enclave: CSFF Blog Tour

Books–stories themselves–come in so many shades and textures and ways.

The Enclave

Some books are lush, gorgeous, enriching.

Some are dense but necessary.

Some, like The Enclave by Karen Hancock, are just plain riveting.

It took me all of about two chapters to be sucked thoroughly into The Enclave, guessing at its mysteries, marveling at its setting, caring about its characters, strongly relating to the absent-minded Christian-out-of-water hero, and really not wanting to put it down.

There are probably several reasons for this. One is the setting — The Enclave takes place at a state-of-the-art scientific institution, a think-tank for brilliant scientists at the edge of all science can do. Before it was clear that I was going to be a writer, I loved the idea of becoming a scientist, so The Enclave sucked me in on that level. The one-punch-after-another, sock-’em-good-and-keep-’em-guessing plot and pacing helped too. But most of all, The Enclave pulled me in because I cared about its characters, especially Cameron Reinhardt, a brilliant Christian scientist whose faith is mocked and belittled by his collegues but who stays faithful anyway, who hides a secret past and is so convincingly absent-minded that I think Karen Hancock knows what it’s like to get up in the morning and put your shirt on inside-out.

Without characters who are so relatably human, The Enclave would still be exciting and fascinating, but it somehow wouldn’t matter so much.

With that thought, I leave you till tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Karen Hancock’s blog, where she’ll also be talking about The Enclave for the next few days, and her Web site.

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9 responses to “The Enclave: CSFF Blog Tour”

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  4. Beth Goddard Avatar

    Good review! I couldn’t put the book down either and that’s what I love about Karen’s stories. Few these days can suck me into the story like she does.

  5. Jason Avatar

    I did an interview with Karen (got left off the initial list) and she said she was surprised to see that Cam became the main character. I encourage you to check it out. Good intro, and I’ll be looking forward to reading more thoughts.

  6. Rebecca LuElla Miller Avatar

    I agree, Rachel. I found the characters to be key. And it’s interesting that you identified Cam as the one you aligned yourself with. I did too, and only realized that Lacy probably is the real protagonist since the story opens up with her.

    Maybe because she was only nominally a believer … or maybe because of some of her decisions.

    Looking forward to what else you have to say about the book.


  7. Keanan Brand Avatar
    Keanan Brand

    Good, succinct review. I found the book difficult to put down, too, and it sucked up all me free time for a couple of days. Guess that means the author did her job!

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