CSFF Tour: Raven’s Ladder

Raven’s Ladder is the third book in the four-book Auralia Thread, a startlingly poetic, deeply spiritual fantasy series that begins with Auralia’s Colors and Cyndere’s Midnight

The story dawns on a displaced people: The people of House Abascar, led by the young king Cal-Raven and his faithful guardsman Tabor Jan, have moved into a network of caves after the collapse of their house in a cataclysmic earthquake. Cal-Raven dreams of building New Abascar according to his childlike dreams, filling it with the beauty glimpsed in Auralia’s colors and following the footsteps of the Keeper, a strange forest creature he has come to revere almost as deity—but which remains mysterious and out of reach.

An unexpected encounter with the Keeper charges Cal-Raven’s faith and sends him on a journey to find the perfect settling place for his people. But even as he travels into the north, a menace from the ground threatens the caves, and Tabor Jan is forced to lead the people out. The refugees are discovered by Bel Amica’s beastman-hunting Captain Ryllion, and they have no choice but to accept the hospitality of House Bel Amica—a wealthy and exotic house which, under the influence of the follow-your-heart moon-spirit religion, has become a sort of Vanity Fair.

Click here to read the rest of my review, originally written back in February when I received a complimentary copy of Raven’s Ladder. The review covers the basic (ha, ha) storyline and my overall opinions about the book.

It’s been a while since I could participate in the CSFF Tour, and I’m so glad to be back for this one! Since CSFF introduced me to the Auralia Thread during the Cyndere’s Midnight tour, Jeffrey Overstreet has become one of my favourite authors. I appreciate the beauty and skill of his writing, and I appreciate the depth to his stories and the way he explores the intersections of art and faith (as you know, that’s one of my major topics around here).

Jeff was kind enough to give me a fantastic interview back in February, which I will be publishing tomorrow as part of this tour. Wednesday will bring some sort of reflection from yours truly on Raven’s Ladder, AND I have a free copy of the book to offer a commenter. Stay posted as I devise a plan for the giveaway.

For today, the links:

Raven’s Ladder at Amazon (this is an affiliate link, so thanks for clicking.)

Jeffrey Overstreet’s Web site/blog: Jeff writes great fantasy, but he’s also a movie critic, so there’s lots of good stuff on his site.

And my fellow CSFF bloggers, with their opinions, reviews, and more. His books usually stir up some controversy, so this should be fun:

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Beckie Burnham
Melissa Carswell
Valerie Comer
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