CSFF Tour: Starlighter

This month’s CSFF feature is Bryan Davis’s Starlighter, a book I almost didn’t get to review. You see, Zondervan was only sending review copies out via UPS, and as a Canadian that didn’t work for me. I asked Bryan for an interview anyway, and when he learned about the situation, he sent me a (signed!) copy at his own expense.

Which establishes that Bryan Davis is a Really Nice Guy.

He’s also the reigning king of YA Christian fantasy, much as Donita K. Paul is the reigning queen. Maybe that makes dragons the reigning pets of YA Christian fantasy, because both authors write a lot about them.

In Starlighter, dragons have kidnapped humans from another planet in order to force them into slavery, and then covered up the truth about their own nefarious deeds with lies. Tomorrow, I’ll write a review that looks at the story in a little more detail, and my interview with Bryan Davis will post on Wednesday. Thursday I’m hoping to write up some thoughts provoked by the book and interview (although I failed to do so for Matt Mikalatos in the previous tour — sorry about that!).

For now, check out the other tour(ists? ers? guides?) people, listed below.

You can also check out Bryan Davis’s blog or his website.

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  3. Jill Williamson Avatar

    What a cool story, Rachel! I didn’t realize that you lived in Canada. Looking forward to your thoughts on the book.

  4. Bryan Davis Avatar

    Rachel, thank you for participating in the blog tour. I’m glad the book got to you on time.

    Bryan Davis

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