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Welcome to August’s CSFF Tour and something … rather different. As you probably know, every month, the CSFF Tour Bloggers read, review, and heatedly happily discuss a new title that falls under the Christian speculative fiction umbrella. Well, we were going to do that this month too, but the title fell through.

SO, we are having a special tour called “Your Favorite!” in which we get to talk about anything we like as long as it’s Christian and spec and fic.

First order of business: voting is on for the Clive Staples Award! Please to visit these links and put in your qualified vote:

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Second order of business: Becky Miller (our Fearless Leader) said that we could write about anything including our own books. Well, I wasn’t going to do that, because it feels self-serving. But then some good friends of mine got rather insistent about it, so I capitulated. Presenting Worlds Unseen and Burning Light, books 1 and 2 of the Seventh World Trilogy (Book 3, currently titled Coming Day, is due to be released in November):

A trilogy description:

Warrior, Singer, Seer, Healer, Listener, Voice.

For five hundred years the Seventh World has been ruled by a tyrannical empire and the mysterious Order of the Spider that hides in its shadow. History and truth are deliberately buried, the beauty and treachery of the past remembered only by wandering Gypsies, persecuted scholars, and a few unusual seekers. But the past matters, as Maggie Sheffield soon finds out — it matters because its forces will soon return and claim lordship over her world, for good or evil.

An orphan, Maggie’s steps have been dogged by tragedies she’s always seen as disconnected. But when a dying friend appears on her doorstep with proof that the empire is lying about the source of its power — proof in the form of an ancient scroll — she learns that her own tragedies have been part of a deliberate plan to crush the truth. Convinced of the scroll’s importance, Maggie agrees to carry it to the only man who can read it, a scholar who lives across the sea in the eastern reaches of the continent.

Maggie’s journey connects her with rebels and dreamers and makes her the enemy of terrifying shadow creatures and the powers of the empire. And so the past is revealed, and an ancient war begins again, with the Gifted at the heart of it: Six individuals whose powerful gifts point to a world beyond their own. The Singer, the Seer, the Healer, the Listener, the Warrior, and the Voice must join together to show their world what is true and what is false — and in the process, to save them all from the evil that lies at their door.

The Seventh World Trilogy is an epic fantasy, beautiful, terrifying, pointing to the realities just beyond the world we see.

You can download Worlds Unseen in its entirety for free, and the first 50 pages of Burning Light are also available from my Smashwords page: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/rachelstarrthomson

I have lots on the agenda for the next couple of tour days: an interview with me by my insistent friends (which should be, um, interesting), tips of the hat to authors and books that have inspired me and mine, recommendations of my favourite writing music, and some thoughts on writing fantasy. And also more info on some of the characters, history, and world of my stories. Thanks for coming along.

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12 responses to “CSFF Tour: Your Favorite!”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    Thanks, Dona! I fixed it. I hope you enjoy the book!

  2. Dona Watson Avatar

    Hi Rachel!

    Previously, I downloaded the PDF for World’s Unseen but it seems to take me a while to get to the PDFs so I decided to get the epub file and put it on my iPhone. However, I thought you might want to know that the link you have above to that page (above the cover artwork) is missing an “r” and doesn’t work.

    I did eventually find it. Thanks for the ebook file! I look forward to checking out your book!


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  4. Rachel Starr Thomson Avatar

    Thanks for all the interest! Yes, my sister does gorgeous covers. She does a lot of other artwork and photography as well.

  5. Phyllis Wheeler Avatar

    Glad to hear you’re finishing your trilogy! Can’t wait to read it!

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  7. Rebecca LuElla Miller Avatar

    This is one reason I love this tour—how great to learn about your story. I did know you had published but knew nothing about it. I’m intrigued.


  8. Fred Warren Avatar

    Gee, I haven’t been paying attention very well–I wasn’t aware that you had a book out, Rachel, much less a third on the way. More for my list! Sounds like a wonderful story.

  9. Nichole White Avatar

    I got to say, your books sound very interesting, and I love your cover art! It’s cool that it was done by your sister. I’m also an aspiring author/musician/artist. I was pretty thrilled when I found your sight. Good luck with your other writings. I look forward to reading them.

  10. Morgan L. Busse Avatar

    Hey Rachel! Sounds like an exciting book!

  11. Rachel Starr Thomson Avatar

    We-ell, November-ish. My plan has been to get it out then so it’s out in plenty of time for Christmas. But there are being issues with the cover, so it MIGHT have to be put off a bit longer. Hang in there! It’s coming soon. And thanks for your enthusiasm.

  12. Elisabeth Avatar

    I am looking forward to your posts on this tour!!
    Seventh World Book 3 will be released in NOVEMER!!?!?! Yay!!! I wasn’t expecting it until December! (And I know I’m breaking the rule not to use more than one exclaimation point. :-))

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