“The Skin Map” by Stephen Lawhead: CSFF Tour Day 1

It’s time once again for the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour! This month’s featured book (featured late, as the astute among you may be aware, because of a delay in books reaching reviewers) is by one of the Grand Masters of Christian speculative fiction, Stephen R. Lawhead.

Stephen Lawhead has been writing books with fairly overt Christian undertones (and sometimes blazing overtones), mostly in the secular market, ever since In the Hall of the Dragon King in 1985. After the Dragon King Trilogy, he delved into Celtic mythos and the story of Arthur and the early Celtic church in two of my all-time favourite series, labeled “fantasy” and “mythic history,” The Song of Albion Trilogy and the Pendragon Cycle.

His latest work is The Skin Map, a “Bright Empires” novel, a book described as epic treasure hunt, science fiction, alternate history, fantasy, and a whole host of other things mashed together.

Mr. Lawhead’s website declares, “The series is underpinned by the cutting-edge work of quantum physicists, natural philosophers, and cosmologists who describe a universe not only much greater, but also far stranger than we imagine . . . ‘I have not read or written anything quite like it,’ says Lawhead. ‘It’s been forming in my mind for at least fifteen years. Now I am finally writing it, because I think I can finally do justice to such an intricately woven storyline. BRIGHT EMPIRES is the most challenging work I’ve ever undertaken, and I’m alternately exhilarated and terrified by it.’”

A review is forthcoming tomorrow, followed by . . . something-or-other on Wednesday. In the meantime, visit StephenLawhead.com, and then check out ArkMusic.com, where you’ll find brilliant soundtracks to other books by this author, written and recorded by Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning (including Byzantium, The King Raven Trilogy, Patrick, and The Song of Albion).

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5 responses to ““The Skin Map” by Stephen Lawhead: CSFF Tour Day 1”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    Incidentally, “Taliesin” and “Grail” are more peripheral to the story than the other books, and I liked them least. So if you don’t care for “Taliesin,” keep reading; the series is worth it!

  2. Rachel Starr Thomson Avatar

    Hey Katherine! Stephen Lawhead is a Christian, so his books do have a lot of Christian themes. There is also pagan stuff since (at least at the beginning of Taliesin) the characters are pagans :). I’ve never sat down and broken down what I think his theology is based on his fiction, and I don’t think that would be fair since his goal isn’t to preach or teach theology but to tell a good story — and most of the stories are at least partially fantasy, so they don’t correspond 100% to our daily experiences of life. I DO know that his stories have encouraged me in my own faith, especially the later Arthur books (“Merlin” is my favourite). They gave me a perspective on Christianity that I found bracing and challenging.

  3. Katherine Sophia Avatar

    I tried to read Taliesin last year sometime, but I really didn’t know much about Lawhead, and was extremely busy and tried skimming it, which just left me confused. I ended up not reading much of it because I didn’t have time to sort through it. But now I kind of want to pick it up again sometime… 🙂
    What did you think of the… theology, for lack of a better word, in that series? I guess the story of Arthur has always been kind of mystical, but that book seemed like it had a lot of Christian themes in it, with a lot of pagan stuff too.

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