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Today I had hot chocolate with a missionary friend, and I shared an area in which God is dealing with me: I’m scared of “big” things, especially if they have anything to do with serving God. It’s kind of a twisted hang-up, and I won’t go into all of its roots and branches here, but I thought I’d share the prayer that has recently been born out of it.

I also sometimes struggle with its opposite: the tendency to feel that the day-in, day-out, earthly necessities in which I spend so much of my time are not worth anything eternally. This is not true.

Anyway, the prayer. I’ve been praying, on a nearly daily basis:

God, help not to shy away from big things,

Nor to despise small things,

But to see and to serve you in all things.

Courage and faithfulness, that’s what I need.







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  2. Elisabeth Avatar

    I SO appreciate this – especially today. Thank you for sharing, Rachel!

  3. David Kennedy Bird Avatar
    David Kennedy Bird

    I like it! If it’s appropriate to give a favo(u)rable review to a prayer. -dkb

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