CSFF Tour: The Monster in the Hollows (Day 1)

I promise that by Wednesday, I will actually write a review of The Monster in the Hollows.

Getting this far has been a journey, let me tell you. First, there have been other Wingfeather Saga tours, which I always missed. I’m not sure why, but I did. Then there were all the glowing reviews, the knowing smiles and inside jokes, the general sound of CSFF “huzzah!”ing that gave me to know I was missing a really good series. I visited the Rabbit Room website, decided to be a fan of Andrew Peterson in general, and grew sadder and sadder inside about so consistently not actually reading his books.

So, this time, when the CSFF was going to feature Andrew Peterson again and I was actually going to be able to participate, I reacted with glee. When the book arrived (a fine and bookish book if ever there was one), I trotted down to the local Christian bookstore and bought his first two books, because by jingo, starting with Book 3 in a series is not right, and I was going to do this right.

That was … last week?

I thought the Monster in the Hollows tour was for October, y’see. Obviously somebody wasn’t paying attention.

So far I have read On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and have stopped just short of the climactic ending of North! Or Be Eaten, and before I go to sleep tonight I intend to be well into the book we are actually touring. I am greatly enjoying the series (except for the gross parts; I’m not a small boy); I’m finding it funny, moving, and quite beautiful at times. It’s also scarier than I expected, but in what might be a kind of commentary on life, underlying much of the scariness is comedy, and so we are assured that this book isn’t really so scary after all, so much as it’s funny. Or else it’s really not so funny after all, so much as it’s scary … or funny. I’m not sure.

Series overview coming tomorrow; review of the Book I’m Supposed to Be Reading on Wednesday, just in time to cap off the tour. In the meantime, check out some websites and the rest of the tour!

The Book I’m Supposed to Be Reading (aka The Monster in the Hollows–published, it would appear, by the author’s own company, which is a switch from the first two books, which were published by WaterBrook. This actually makes me quite happy, for reasons of being independently published myself.)
The Wingfeather Saga (mostly a blog, with illustrations and encyclopedic bits)
The Author’s Website

Aaaand the tour links:

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Tammy Shelnut
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Phyllis Wheeler
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6 responses to “CSFF Tour: The Monster in the Hollows (Day 1)”

  1. Elisabeth Avatar

    This isn’t one of those intelligent, interesting comments, but I just want to say that with this post you made me laugh! I’m not sure if it’s the words you use or the way you use them, but you sound so “real” in this post. I can imagine you trotting down to your Christian bookshop and buying the first books in the series and then realising that the review for the last book is due, er, now! That sounds like me …

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  3. Rachel Avatar

    Thanks, ladies! My one regret is that I can’t spend as much time reading everyone else’s posts as I’d like to (monstrous editing job needing to be done today, taking up ALL my time). I hope I’ll get a chance this evening.

  4. Rebecca LuElla Miller Avatar

    Woo-hoo! Rachel’s joining the Peterson tour. Yea! I love reading your posts, and this one is no exception. I’m with Phyllis — I’ll be eager to read your reactions.


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  6. Phyllis Wheeler Avatar

    I’m looking forward to what you have to say, Rachel! I loved this book. It’s even better than the others in my opinion.

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