CSFF Tour: The Shadow Lamp (Day 1)

Welcome back to the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour! I’ve not been doing these as regularly as I used to, but this month the tour is covering the latest installment of a series I’ve been following from the start–so I could hardly miss this one.

LawheadStephen R. Lawhead is one of the greats of Christian fantasy (and there aren’t many of those); he’s written and been published in the mainstream world for years, though lately his work is coming from Thomas Nelson. He’s probably best known for the Song of Albion Trilogy (highly recommended) and his telling of the Arthurian legends, The Pendragon Cycle (also highly recommended).

Lawhead’s current venture is the Bright Empires series: a far-ranging, world-bending journey across time, cultures, and dimensions. The series grows better as it progresses, and my biggest complaint now is that I can’t go ley-leaping myself–although this method of dimensional travel is so grounded in actual physics that it seems someone ought to be able to figure it out!


Maybe one of our blog tourists will.

This month’s feature is Book 4, THE SHADOW LAMP. Review coming. For now, here are the links:

Shadow LampOn Amazon: The Shadow Lamp (Bright Empires, Quest the 4th)
Author Website – www.stephenlawhead.com
Author Facebook page

And my fellow tourists:

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4 responses to “CSFF Tour: The Shadow Lamp (Day 1)”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I think Step 1 is having a business so lucrative it can pay :).

  2. Phyllis Wheeler Avatar

    I wanna do it too.
    I also like Stephen’s scheme of setting his book in all the cool locales he can think of, so he gets to travel there paid for by his business. Wish I could figure that part out myself…

  3. Rachel Avatar

    I’m kind of hoping for after-death ley-leaping abilities.

  4. Robert Treskillard Avatar

    Yes, that would be cool if we could figure out ley-leaping … then we could be real tourists and maybe even visit Stephen in the UK!

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