CSFF Tour: The Warden and the Wolf King (Day 1)

Welcome back to the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour! I’m excited to be with you for the finish of Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga. This series–ostensibly written for children–is one of the more memorable to come out of Christian fantasy publishing. Charming, scary, funny, and profound–it’s everything children’s lit should be, and I suspect it will endure.


If you need to catch up, I’ve written about the Wingfeather Saga here and here. Andrew is a prolific singer-songwriter as well as a writer, and his work is always marked by depth and imagination, as well as a faith that wrestles with deep questions and emotions. (His album Light for the Lost Boy is one of my all-time favourites.)

I’ll post my review of the fourth and final book, The Warden and the Wolf King, tomorrow. In the meantime, you can visit Andrew Peterson and the Wingfeather Saga here.

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