Every now and again a resource comes along that is so good it begs to be shared. This is one of them. (It also begs to be SUPPORTED; if you need somewhere to send money, this is a good kingdom investment.) offers lectures, seminars, and entire courses on biblical topics, including theology, Greek, church history, ministry skills, textual criticism, book studies, worldview … explore the site a bit to see how extensive this is. We are talking seminary-level training from world-class professors from a variety of institutions and denominational backgrounds, and it’s provided for free.

(One reason I say this is worth supporting is that they’re helping train church workers all over the world, including in far-off places where it’s not easy to get to a Bible school.)

Personally, I’ve taken some of the Greek and history of the New Testament. You can access content as mp3s, video, and PDF resources.

Go check it out for yourself!






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  1. Serena Avatar

    This looks like a great resource — thanks for sharing!

    1. Rachel Avatar

      You’re welcome! It is quite fabulous. Definitely check it out.

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