Character Spotlight: Kol Abaddon and Alack

Israeli Desert, Photo by TLV

What would it have been like to be an Old Testament prophet–someone who shares both God’s heart for his people and a terrible message of coming judgment?

That question helped kick off The Prophet Trilogy, and it also inspired the character of Kol Abaddon.

His real name has been forgotten. He goes only by Kol Abaddon–the Voice of Destruction. He lives in the desert wilderness of the Sacred Land, where he sees visions, reads stars, and cries out at night.

Kol Abaddon both terrifies and inspires the villagers of the Sacred Land–including Alack, a young shepherd boy who is beginning to have visions of his own.

When he sees a terrible army marching on his homeland, Alack decides to venture out and follow Kol Abaddon, becoming an apprentice prophet in the hope that he can turn judgment around.

Both characters continue to develop in COMES THE DRAGON, where the mysterious layers of Kol Abaddon’s past–and his nighttime torments–begin to be revealed.

Comes the Dragon

Kol Abaddon has been a fascinating character to write. In many ways he is the voice of God–and yet he is far from perfect, and as Alack begins to discover in COMES THE DRAGON. In fact, his own bitterness over past tragedy may be preventing him from delivering the message of God in its fullness–

A message that is both one of warning and one of hope.

Alack, by contrast, is a young man with a tender heart. He loves his people, he loves his homeland, he loves Rechab–whom he must leave behind in order to follow the prophet–and he is beginning to love his God. In the trilogy, Alack comes face-to-face with evil, with good, and with a destiny he does not want and could not have imagined.



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