A Brief Hiatus

Those of you who check will have noticed there was no new Matthew blog today … or last week … sorry about that. Both weeks, a heavy schedule beat out my best intentions to get posts written. This is likely to happen for several more weeks as well.

So I’ve decided to declare a brief blogging hiatus. I fully intend to be back with weekly posts no later than November (and maybe earlier).

If you’re curious: I’m in a season of major transition in life. It’s all good (wonderful, actually) and exciting, but it’s also keeping me extremely busy and pulled in multiple directions for the next several weeks. I could shoehorn in the blog writing and make it happen on caffeine, but I don’t want to treat your time or the Scriptures cavalierly.

So I’ll be back in November!

In the meantime, you can check out the series so far. This is a great time to catch up!







3 responses to “A Brief Hiatus”

  1. Loretta Hemmings Avatar
    Loretta Hemmings

    Thank you for your post it is most interesting .God bless you on your journey.

  2. Tina Avatar

    Hello Mrs. Thomson,
    Greetings, uh I’m left hanging with exiled! It’s not right I say! Where can I get Hive and Attack! I need to know what happened once they the warehouse! Diane what will she do!? This is a great series! How do I purchase the others?
    Thank you!

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Lol … thanks, Tina! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. You can get all the books from Amazon and other online retailers (BN.com, Apple, etc). And thanks for your support!

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